Miracle Muscle Salve

This salve is the answer to sore muscles and body stiffness, whether it be from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or simply too much exercise or walking. Specially created for post surgery stiffness and pain, our Miracle Muscle Salve is lovingly made in small batches with all organic ingredients. A base of coconut oil is infused with whole cannabis flowers, not just the trim or leaves. There are at least two strains used in every salve, one that is CBD rich and one that is high in THC, as well as wild harvested or organic herbs such as rue, plantain, comfrey, and lavender to support muscle and tendon rehabilitation and skin health. Once the base oil is infused we add essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, clove, and helichrysum for anti-inflammatory action and antiseptic properties.

We suggest applying a sparse layer and reapplying after fifteen minutes for optimal pain relief.

Available in 0.5 oz

Miracle Mama Salve


Our go-to salve for all things, this coconut-based rub is made with our organic CBD dominant cannabis strains. We add herbs like comfrey and plantain, and small amounts of gentle essential oils such as cedar and helichrysum to support healing and decrease inflammation. Patients have found this salve to help with a plethora of ailments, including achy muscles and joint stiffness, dry and cracked skin, and suppression of oral herpes outbreaks. Because it is especially low in THC, this is a great salve for pregnant or nursing ladies, or other patients who are concenred about levels of this particular cannabinoid. Mamas have discovered immediate relief from hemorrhoids, cracked nipples, and back and hip aches, to name a few.

Miracle Mama Salve; not just for mamas!

Miracle Mending Skin Salve

Your answer to psoriasis, eczema, and skin rashes is here in the form of this amazing, all natural, 100% organic salve. We specially blended three strains of Cannabis and seventeen essential oils to support immune response and boost the production of healthy skin on a cellular level. The best part? It leaves a lasting, gentle aroma of roses! This salve is extremely potent and can be used sparingly, unlike many of it’s competitors that must  be applied in large amounts to have any effect.


Available in 0.5 oz.