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If AK-47 were a weapon, it would hit hard…. with steady,  pleasurable blasts of relaxation! A sativa-dominant hybrid, AK-47 blows your mind with its euphoric, creative buzz that lasts and lasts. Expect a mellow force that can still coexist with social engagement and mental acuity. This master amalgam of Mexican, Afghani, Thai, and Columbian components unites diverse flavors and effects into a whole new, unified experience that knocks out your medical and emotional symptoms.

SCENT: Pungent, sour, earthy

FLAVOR: Earthy, sweet, floral

EFFECTS: Uplifting, happy, relaxed, creative, and euphoric. Enjoy this bud outside in nature, or use it to unwind after a long day. Patients appreciate the cerebral awareness followed by a calming body high. Good for an all-day remedy, as its indica traits are not too overpowering.

SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Aches and pains, stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, appetite loss.

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