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Mango OG

Mango OG


Mango OG strain placed 9th out of over 650 flowers entered in the Emerald Cup 2016!

Originally cultivated by a pair of Colorado-based brothers whose father was undergoing chemotherapy for Cancer and experiencing horrific side effects. When none of the “medicine” (ie, prescription pills) worked or eased his pain, the brothers took matters into their hands, crossing two potent strains — Mango Haze and SFV OG — into one medicinal glory bud. Their father’s symptoms not only subsided, but he eventually went into remission, all thanks to a strain of cannabis. Mango OG is easily one of the better tasting flowers you will ever encounter with her sweet and sour, piney smoke. Inhaling a large cumulus cloud of Mango OG’s active terpenes and flavonoids, you can taste her citrus grapefruit mixture … qualities that resemble a sour diesel, but with a tad more tropical tang. Upon exhaling, you pick up notes of rotten mangos, lemon zest, and an underlying oaky flavor.

SCENT: Sandalwood, pine, pink grapefruit, petroleum

EFFECTS: Stress-free, relaxed; like a full-body massage

SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Insomnia, anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, negative side effects of chemo, muscle pain

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