Wendy Kornberg

Wendy Kornberg - CEO/Founder Sunnabis: Humboldt’s Full Sun Farms

Wendy Kornberg is a mother, wife, and second generation, regenerative farmer residing in Southern Humboldt County in Northern California. Her family-run farm, Humboldt’s Full Sun Farms, produces high-grade, medical cannabis for herself, her family, and California patients, respectfully tending to their stunning, off-grid location through organic and natural farming methods. Kornberg’s family cultivates hot new cultivars as well as heritage strains—their farming techniques and seed stock have been lovingly preserved and passed down since the 1970’s. She and her family are passionate about providing cannabis with the core value of sustainability held to the highest degree possible by using environmentally friendly farming methods and respecting the natural rhythms of the plants, animals, and people around them. Kornberg is launching a series of workshops that will be available both in person and online to help others learn how to grow high quality food and medicine by utilizing the same techniques and methods she has perfected over the course of her life. Wendy Kornberg also runs an advisory business for large scale grows to help them become more sustainable and regenerative, while increasing profit margins, farm efficiency, and end product quality. Kornberg strives to help other cultivators succeed and believes that more involvement with the political process is critical to that effort, and therefor is an advocate for sound regulatory programs. Being of service to her community, both Southern Humboldt county and the greater cannabis community, is a key personal trait and she sits on the board of a many of non-profits, as well being the Regenerative Cannabis Advisor for Sensi Magazine, the formulator for HOOP cosmetics (a national CBD brand launching in the fall of 2019) and the many award-winning Sunnabis brand Cannabis topical products, and she advises as lead cultivator on a 1.5 acre farm in Yolo county and is in talks to hold a similar position with a 30 acre farm in Florida.